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Club Information

1. Name of Racing Club:

Hillsborough Racing Club; Eboracum Racing Stables, Easingwold, York, North Yorkshire YO61 3EN. 

2. Club Manager:

The Racing Club will be managed by Craig Lidster Racing Limited at Eboracum Racing Stables, Easingwold, York, North Yorkshire YO61 3EN.

3. Horse(s)

The Racing Club will be made up of at least one horse at any given time and they will be trained to race for the Hillsborough Racing Club in accordance with (Subject to) terms of this agreement.

We (Hillsborough Racing Club) reserve the right to add and remove horses from the club at any time but will inform members prior to doing so. 

4. Silks

Hillsborough Racing Club registered colours are blue and white cap, royal blue and white stripes, royal blue sleeves, with white circles.

5. Membership Period:

Club Membership lasts for a rolling 12 month period from the date the contract is signed/agreed.

Membership of the Racing Club shall commence from the date of this Agreement (conditional upon payment of the Membership Fee being paid in full as per this Agreement, or the first monthly payment being received) and will continue for a period of 12 months, subject to the other terms and conditions of this Agreement (the “Membership Period”).   

6. Renewal:

Each Member will have the option to renew their membership at the end of the Membership period, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions attached. Should a member not renew, their membership will expire at the end of the Membership Period.

7. Membership Fee:

All Membership options below last for a period of 12 months from the date you join (on receipt of payment in full)

Option 1: £59 (inclusive of VAT)

  • One Horse Package

  • £10 Donation from this membership will be donated to Owls Foundation

Option 2: £99 (inclusive of VAT) 

  • Two Horse Package

  • £10 Donation from this membership will be donated to Owls Foundation

Account Name: Craig Lidster Racing Limited

Sort Code: 40-47-31

Account Number: 25229014

The Membership Fee is all-inclusive and Members will not be required to pay any additional amount in respect of their membership during the Membership Period. The Racing Club will pay for any costs relating to the Horse(s) or the Racing Club that cannot be covered by the amounts raised by Membership Fees paid by Members.

8. Membership Benefits:

Members of the Hillsborough Racing Club will have access to certain benefits as part of their membership package:

- The opportunity to apply for Race Day Owners’ Badges: The Club Manager will always request the maximum number of Owners’ Badges available every time a Club Horse runs. The number of available Owners’ Badges will vary from racecourse to racecourse and meeting to meeting. An Owners’ Badge does not always include a complimentary meal. Indeed, the option for complimentary meals may be forfeited by the Club Manager to allow more Club Members to attend the meeting. The Club Manager will always do his best to accommodate all Members wishing to attend. When this is not possible, and demand exceeds the number of badges available a ballot will occur. To allow more members to attend a meeting and if the facility is available, the Club Manager may choose to opt for a syndicate room. If this is the case the Club Manager or his representatives will organise who gets access to the parade ring. Members wanting to apply for an Owners’ Badge will be given details of how to apply for badges and should comply with the instructions given. The Club Manager will endeavour to give Members as much notice as possible so that a ballot (if necessary) can take place in good time prior to the event. Owners Badges may not be transferred to or used by third parties unless it has been approved by a member of the Club’s Management Team or their representatives. Club Members without an Owners’ Badge must not enter the parade ring or the Owners’ and Trainers’ facilities.

- To receive entries, declarations and comprehensive updates about the club’s horses, including pre and post-Race analysis from Craig Lidster on Racing Manager. 

- An opportunity to visit Eboracum Racing Stables: The home of Hillsborough Racing Club

- A minimum of one stable visits (open days) per calendar year. As part of the stable visits, you will be able to apply In a ballot to have an opportunity to meet the Hillsborough Racing Club team, stable staff and the view the facilities at Eboracum Racing Stables based at Easingwold, York, North Yorkshire YO61 3EN. You will also be able to have the opportunity to spend time with the Hillsborough Racing Club horses and meet other stable stars.

- To purchase Club Merchandise: Throughout the year we will be selling Hillsborough Racing Club clothing and merchandise and Members will be able to purchase these at competitive prices.

To name a racehorse: If the situation arises, Members may be asked to put forward name suggestions for any new, unraced Horse(s) that become part of the Hillsborough Racing Club.

9. Excluded Benefits:

The Members shall have no entitlement to any rights or benefits relating to the Horse(s) other than the Membership Benefits expressly set forth above. Examples of benefits to which the Members will have no entitlement include the following:

  1. any ownership rights in the Horse(s); 

  2. any income arising before, during or after their Membership Period; 

  3. any income generated by a Horse after it has been sold or otherwise transferred by the Racing Club;

  4. any trophy awarded (or the value of any trophy awarded);

  5. any Breeder prize or payment;

  6. any rights in relation to any progeny of any of the Horses, or any breeding arrangement involving any of the Horses;

  7. any income or revenue generated by the Racing Club that is unrelated to the Horse(s);

  8. any sponsorship income relating to the Horse(s) or the Racing Club;

Any of the above Excluded Benefits which are received by the Racing Club shall be retained by the Racing Club. The Members shall have no rights therein.

10. Trainer(s):

Subject to the terms of this Agreement, the Horse(s) will be trained by Craig Lidster Racing (CL RACING LTD) @ Eboracum Racing Stables, Easingwold, York, North Yorkshire YO61 3EN.

11. Intention with Horse(s):

It is understood and agreed, that plans may change and no guarantee is given on when, whether, where or how often the Horse(s) may run.

12. Minimum number of Horses:

The Racing Club will endeavour to ensure that there will always be at least one horse in the Racing Club at any given time. If any Horse is retired or sold during the Membership Period, the Racing Club will endeavour to find a replacement horse for the Racing Club during the Membership Period.

13. Minimum value of Horses:

The Racing Club provides no guarantee that it will always spend a minimum amount on the acquisition of Horse(s) in the Racing Club. If any Horse(s) are retired or sold it will be at the discretion of the Racing Club as to how much it spends on any replacement horse(s).

14. Insurance:

To keep Membership prices competitive, the Horse(s) are not insured against All Risks of Mortality (ARM).

15. Funding Target:

The Club Manager (Craig Lidster Racing Limited) is responsible for all costs relating to the running of the  Racing Club in accordance with (Subject to) terms of this agreement.

16. Maximum number of Members:

5000 per package (per horse)

17. Conduct:

The Club Manager (Craig Lidster Racing Limited) may terminate this Agreement (membership of Member) with immediate effect if the Member makes a defamatory or derogatory statement, or does any act or thing, that damages the goodwill or reputation of the Racing Club, in each case where (in the reasonable opinion of the Club Manager/Racing Club) the context is sufficiently serious or damaging to justify immediate termination. 

18. Privileged Information:

Any Information received on the performance of any of the Club’s Horses is strictly confidential and must not be passed on to any third party as per the BHA guidelines. Any Member found in breach of this rule will have their Membership revoked and no refund will be given.

19. Club Bank Account:

Account Name: Craig Lidster Racing Limited : Sort Code: 40-47-31  Account Number: 25229014

The authorised signatories to the bank account will be Craig Lidster only.  

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